Inspiration: Fishing, Aliens & Dubstep Robots

Today I want to share three videos I discovered over the last couple of month which I think are inspirational, clever and nice to look at. 

"Ending Overfishing" has not only an important message but also a quite unique look. I have seen a similar style before but the way they used low poly models with shiny and reflective materials and a nice and subtle animation style makes it stand out and fun to watch.


"In search of humans" is a small little teaser trailer for a movie I definitely want to see. The modelling and the compositing are excellent. Check out OddBall Animation vimeo page for more videos.

"Machine Gun" takes a dubstep track and Transformers footage and creates a really well edited movie. Keith Carunida just nailed the timing, feeling and detail. You can tell that it was a lot of work to put this piece together but it's worth it. My favourite part is at 1:30. Just brilliant.