Freebie: Ground Breaking in Cinema 4d

I recently came across a question on Facebook page asking about breaking up the floor in Cinema 4D and let the pieces fly towards the sky.

This video was the reference:

My first thought was using thrausi to subdivide the floor and use two inheritance effectors to first move the floor up a bit as if it was breaking and then let the second inheritance effector move it towards the sky. I quickly put it together and posted it to the group.

It's not pretty but I wanted to see if its actually possible to do it that way. I didn't spend much time getting the timing or the animation right. Because is mostly in german I am gonna post my file here if anyone is interested in grabbing it.

If you have a different approach let us know.

Freebie: Growing Vines in Cinema 4D

Recently I created some simple growing vines in Cinema 4D for our  "Jack The Giant Slayer" promo. I used a combination of Cylinders in a cloner with a twist deformer and a spline wrap. I added text with a rock texture and modified the spline to let the vines grow around it.


Animate the "to" parameter in the spline wrap effector to make the vines grow. Modify the grow spline vines to change the grow path of each vine.

MoGraph Resources

Over the years I found some good resources online for various things that can be helpful as a motion graphics designer. One of the most common things I search for are textures and it's always handy to know a website that offers images you can use for your commercial projects. Here is a list of website I know that are offering free or cheap resources for your everyday design work. I would love to see this list grow over time so please feel free to send in any sites you're using:

Disclaimer: Please check the license on everything you're using. Not everything is free for personal and commercial use. I am not responsible for illegally used resources and be aware that a license can be changed by the license holder. If you have doubt please contact the responsible website and ask or don't use it at all.

Textures: Probably the most popular texture site out there. Great pictures organised in Categories. Some are tiled, huge or come in a set. Sign up for 15MB free per day. Another website with high resolution textures. You only get one free per day. Textures, Clouds, HDRI Panoramas and time-lapse footage. 40 Free textures Free texture packs on The textures are coming from different sources so check the license for every image. Quite a lot of textures in different categories. Thanks to twistedpoly for the tip.

Fonts: Great font website. Watch out for the comment on the right side if its free for commercial use. A really good site to find high quality, commercial-use free fonts. Another website for fonts. Check out the comment below the font if you're able to use it commercially. Free fonts from Fontcafe. Free fonts on Behance. Please check if they are free to use on commercial projects.


3D models: The Pixel Lab not only has some nice model packs for cheap, they also have some C4D freebies Recently discovered. Some 3D models, people & kids cutouts & Sky backgrounds Free Cinema 4d models,Scripts, Textures and tutorials Please check the rights on every item you're downloading and make sure you're allowed to use it in your commercial project. You can find some free 3D models here.

Plug ins: Cinema 4D plug ins. Some of these scripts & Plugins are for free, some of them are really cheap and helpful. Quite a lot of freebies, donationware and tutorials. Definitely worth checking out.

AE Scripts: Largest community around After Effect scripts and plug ins.