Inspiration: The Great Abyss, Childish Gambino & Conrad Ostwald

I love the voice-over, camera work and the grading. Lovely piece of work.


Again a really nice grade and amazing camera work.


Conrad Ostwald made another epic reel. Music and visuals just work together. Smooth transitions between shots and the great work make this to one of the best reels I have seen this year. Even his 2008 reel is still in my inspiration folder.

Today’s Inspiration: XGames, Dark Lens, MoStyle

I recently saw Bucks work on the X Games 2012 Trailer and really liked it. Great integration of illustrations into live action footage with a unique style to it.

Dark Side of the lens is around for a while but I really love it. It has a lot of feeling and melancolia to it. From the stunning cinematography to the music and the voice over, everything just fits. Put on your best pair of headphones and hit play.

And here is a recommendation for everyone who uses Cinema 4D. Mostyle.TV is a tutorial series hosted by Kay Tennemann, a german motion graphics artist from Hamburg. The video above is a quick teaser to one of his tutorials (link). This one is in english but unfortunately some of his older stuff is only available in german. But still: Have a stroll through his vimeo account and I bet you can learn some stuff.

Inspiration: Fishing, Aliens & Dubstep Robots

Today I want to share three videos I discovered over the last couple of month which I think are inspirational, clever and nice to look at. 

"Ending Overfishing" has not only an important message but also a quite unique look. I have seen a similar style before but the way they used low poly models with shiny and reflective materials and a nice and subtle animation style makes it stand out and fun to watch.


"In search of humans" is a small little teaser trailer for a movie I definitely want to see. The modelling and the compositing are excellent. Check out OddBall Animation vimeo page for more videos.

"Machine Gun" takes a dubstep track and Transformers footage and creates a really well edited movie. Keith Carunida just nailed the timing, feeling and detail. You can tell that it was a lot of work to put this piece together but it's worth it. My favourite part is at 1:30. Just brilliant.


Inspiration: Phil Borst

We did a bit of research for a bigger project that's coming up in the next couple of weeks and we came across some really talented guys with amazing work but one name kept poping up: Phil Borst (vimeo)

I really enjoy his refreshing style and the detailed and subtle animations. In times of MoDynamics and plug ins that do the job for us it seems that we keep forgetting how much better it looks if you do some good old manual animations. I am guilty of using bounce and wobble expressions to put some extra life into my animations. It's probably time to ditch them once in a while and spend some time doing it the "old" way.

Phil was nice enough to upload his project file for mork. So you can have a look how much work he put into this.