Tutorial: Use ReelSmart Motion Blur in After Effects

This is one of my first video tutorials. I am gonna re-upload them to vimeo to make them accessible for mobile and tablet devices and maybe some of you can take something away from that. It was originally uploaded at John Dickinson site motionworks.com.au and with over 15,000 views quite popular I guess.

There are a lot of questions, answers and comments on the blog post already. Have a look there if something is not clear. Otherwise ask here, at motionworks or on vimeo.

Tutorial: Falling Cubes in Cinema 4D

This is my first video tutorial I have ever recorded and I thought I will link to it from this blog again. I am to re-uploading my old tutorials so that they don't get lost. I still get quite a few hits on this one so I figured it must be something people are interested in. So here we go.

And here is the old description: 

Today I will show you how to set up an particle system which will works with the new MoGraph2 dynamics to create falling cubes. We are using the new version of Cinema 4D 11.5 for that. If you have the particle/dynamics set up in the way I did it in the tutorial you are able to use almost every object as an particle.

I tried to achieve that effects with the previous version of Cinema 4D but failed because of the old dynamics system. I did some test with Thinking Particles and that's the way to do it if you're not calling 11.5 your own or if you need more control over your particles. If you know any other way or if you are an expert in Thinking Particles let us know in the comments below.

Take a closer look at Matthias Muellers videos here

As this is my first tutorial I would love to hear your comments about it. Suggestions, feedback or improvements are welcome. Write a comment or send me an Email. I am not sure if I'll record video tutorials frequently so I used the trial version of iShowU. Sorry about the watermark.

Tutorial: Project Organisation & File Structure

In this tutorial I am talking about the project structure I am using on my project. It's based on the structure from my old work at Fluid Post. I think it's pretty handy and helps me to keep organised.

I hope you can take something away from this tutorial. I am not saying this setup is perfect and there is always room for improvement. Let me know what you think.

Download the Project structure here: